Part 1: Visit Each Other

  1. Xi JinPing China Barack Obama US White House Lawn News Press
  2. I come to your country. I invite you to visit my country. The Pacific Ocean is large enough to hold US and China.

  3. US Receives China
  4. abc

  5. HanZhou China G20 Summit September 2016
  6. In the evening, two country leads are walking by the lake. The moon is rising from the water. The top quality green tea is ready for a drink.

  7. Mark Zuckerberg Priscilla Chan walking to a party in Washington
  8. It is a priviledge and honor to be inivted to a whitehouse party for the China visiting president.

  9. President George W. Bush with Vice President Xi Jinping
  10. abc

  11. China First Family Receives US First Family
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  13. China First Family Receives US First Family
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  15. First Lady is learning how to write art words
  16. Hold the brush pen is like holding a chopsticks. Practice makes perfect.

  17. First family is visiting forbidden city in Beijing
  18. The fist daughters grow fast. The elder daughter is almost as tall as her mother.

  19. First family is visiting Great Wall
  20. The Great Wall is a barrier to stop mascular invaders from north. It is a fort in ancient times.

  21. Former US first family was visiting Great Wall
  22. The Great Wall is a barrier to stop mascular invaders from north.

Part 2: China First Family story

  1. Xi JinPing Father
  2. 10 years of cultural revolution in China. Xi's father was being humiliated by young men.

  3. Xi JinPing in Village Working as a farmer.
  4. Son was sent to a poor village in northwestern China to work as a farmer.

  5. Newly married couple in Honeymoon
  6. Ms Peng was Xi's second wife. His first wife was born in a high class family and dreamed a better life. But Xi could not satisfy her dream during that times. Ms. Peng LiYuan was born in an ordinary family. The couple loves each other and cares each other.

  7. The First Lady - Peng LiYuan.
  8. The First Lady was a top singer in China. Before Xi became president, he was often introduced as Peng's husband.

  9. Family together during holidays.
  10. Kids are growing up. Parents are growing old.

  11. Father and daughter
  12. 30 years ago, bicycle was a main transportation tool.

  13. Take picture at tourist attraction point.
  14. Like US first lady Bird Johnson, China first lady took her only daughter to visit tourist attractions during holidays. Husband was busy.

Part 3: US China Relation Development

  1. US former president Richard Nixon
  2. After World War II, Richard Nixon was first US president to visit China.

  3. Anticipation
  4. No Enemy Forever. China is not occupying US land. We will establish diplomatic relationship sooner or later.

  5. Top Diplomats. Put down your prepared greeting. Let us chat. Both smiled heartedly.
  6. Top Diplomats.

    I am honored to come to this ancient land.

  7. Across Pacific Ocean, US Air Force No1 Landed in Beijing.
  8. Across Pacific Ocean, Air Force No1 Landed in Beijing

    Across Pacific Ocean, US Air Force No1 Landed in Beijing.

  9. Alcohol, cheers.
  10. cheers


  11. The two big hands are shaking.
  12. cheers

    Shaking Hands is better than pointing fingers.

  13. Welcome party
  14. Apparently, using chopsticks is not US president Richard Nixon's strength. Knife and folk are more suitable for Richard.

  15. Ping Pong game. Table Tennis.
  16. There are many sport games in the world. Which one do you like?

  17. Great Wall
  18. It was winter time. There was a snow fall one day afternoon before scheduled visit of great wall. Richard Nixon thought the arrangement might adjust due to snow fall. To his surprise, Beijing people (100,000) used brooms and shovels (not truck operated snow ploughing machines) to clean the 20 miles road for the visiting US president at night. Wall, fence, barrier are symbologies to stop and block relations. US former president Ronald Reagan delivered his famous speech standing at German Berlin Wall - “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall”.

  19. Henry Kissinger
  20. Since the opening of gate between Pacific Ocen, the trade has beenin increasing dramatically. In Wal-Mart, you can find many commodities made in China.

  21. Beijing Olympic Game 2008
  22. The father and son enjoyed watching Beijing Olympic Game in 2008.

  23. Ronald Reagan and Dr. Henry Kissinger
  24. There are two types of leadership. One is like Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson. No.1 person in a team can do everything. Second type of leadership is like Ronald Reagan. Reagan was an actor before he became a politician. He listens to wife (Nancy) at home and listens to advisers at office. Therefore, Reagan is considered to be a great leader. If you lead a team, you have to setup something. Then drink your coffee and play your golf. Everything will be fine.

Part 4: US Canada Relation

  1. Canada First Family Visiting US
  2. Party
  3. US president Barack Obama will visit Canada in June.

  4. President Obama Addresses Parliament in Canada
  5. President Obama Addresses Parliament - 2016 White House

Part 5: China Canada Relation

  1. Wow. Red Lobster !
  2. Dear Jack Ma, my friend, could you help sell lobster?

  3. G20 HangZhou China
  4. Where should I stand, Sir?

  5. Welcome to Canada
  6. Welcome to Canada

  7. Welcome to My Back Yard
  8. Lady to Lady. Gentleman to Gentleman. Beer or Tea? Champagne or Sprite?

  9. Welcome to My Back Yard
  10. Sunrise or Sunset?

  11. Welcome to Parliament Hill
  12. I show you.

  13. Welcome to Parliament Hill
  14. Great.

  15. Write Something
  16. Great.

  17. We know you
  18. Do you remember me? Yes. Let me tell you a story.

    My neighbour doesn’t speak English, but her kindness needs no translation , Angie Morris , Vancouver, The Globe and Mail

    My neighbour doesn’t speak English, but her kindness needs no translation  

Part 6: Wait and See

  1. Globalization
  2. China built a wall to stop intrusion from north one thousand year ago.

  3. Welcome
  4. My Hotel Mar-a-Lago Is Better Than White House
  5. Dinner will be very very delicious.

  6. Hi smile to the camera
  7. Hi smile to the camera

  8. Let's talk
  9. Voice from another side
  10. Jack Ma: You're Supposed to Spend Money on Your People

    Jack Ma Keynote Speech at Gateway Canada, Toronton, 2017-09-25

    A few information. 1. 23:00, 113 million Chinese people travelling outside China, moving country.
    2. Chinese people eat 7 billion chickens evey year.
    3. Chinese people eat 700 million pigs every year.

Part 7: The End

In a beautiful day, parents have a BBQ party together, kids play together.

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