Part 1: Tips

Fort Nelson wikipedia

Constuction Of The Alaska Highway (1944) - Mega Structure, National Geographic, YouTube

American Experience Building The Alaska Highway PBS Documentary, YouTube

Q & A

  1. Question: Which company provides mobile phone service?
  2. Answer: In Fort Nelson, Bell and Telus are two main mobile phone service providers. They share same tower. But Bell has an office here through its partner NorthwesTel. Telus closed its office in July of 2016 and everything would need to be done over the phone. Sometimes you do not know how long you need to hold on the phone to talk to a real person.

    NorthwesTel retail store phone 250-774-1111.

    Rogers is good as well.

    NorthwesTel, http://www.nwtel.ca

    Address: 5650 Mountainview Dr, Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0

  3. Question: How to find an apartment to rent?
  4. Answer: Most apartment buildings are managed by Northern Property northviewreit. The property manager is very friendly, energetic, positive and considerate. http://www.npreit.com/

  5. Question: How to find free wifi?
  6. Answer:

    In the early weeks, you may not settle down yet. You may not have your own internet installed yet. A public accessible wifi is very useful, helpful to stay connected with your network.

    There is a Tim Hortons at west of ESSO gas station, south of Alaska highway.

    Tim Hortons

  7. Question: Hotel
  8. Answer:

    The population in Fort Nelson is about 3000. All the hotels and motels are along alaska highway.

    Three Hotels

    Woodlands Inn & Suites Fort Nelson

    Super 8 Fort Nelson BC, 4503 50th Ave South , Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0 CA , 1-250-233-5025

    Lakeview Inns & Suites Fort Nelson

  9. Spectra Energy Fort Nelson Gas Processing Plant
  10. Spectra Energy Fort Nelson Gas Processing Plant

    Address: 285 Alaska Highway, Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0

  11. Red Apple Store
  12. Address: 5104 Liard St, Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0

    Bathroom shower curtain is good in this store.

  13. Recreation Center

  14. Hair Cut, Barber Shop
  15. Regret. On weekend, many stores are closed.

  16. Food Store - OverwaiTea
  17. Address: 5103 Airport Road, Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0

    Website: www.overwaitea.com

    This store provides free wifi.

  18. Sport - Seconday School Gym

  19. Fort Nelson New Tokyo Sushi
  20. Address: 14-4903 51st Avenue

    Phone: (250) 774-4994

    Facebook Page

  21. Fort Nelson P&T Chinese Restaurant
  22. Address: 4103 50 Ave S, Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0

    Phone: (250) 774-6244

    Business Hours:

    Monday 11AM–9PM
    Tuesday 11AM–9PM
    Wednesday 11AM–9PM
    Thursday 11AM–9PM
    Friday 11AM–9PM
    Saturday 11AM–9PM
    Sunday Closed

    Web Page