To join our engineering club, you can do self service. Go to www.westrocky.com, click 9 member portal. Under park area 3, enter your information, system will automatically register you and assign a member number to you. Club members enter club at park area 1. Members can update their profile after sign in. Some privilege is for club member only. Please contribute to and benefit from club.

Park Area 1

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Please contact us or club members if you need help.

Park Area 2

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You can reset password anytime if you forget. After you enter your email, system will automatically send out an email. Check your own emailbox. Follow the link.

It is suggested to have email client application installed on your cellphone. You can check your own emailbox anytime anywhere. It is convenient to check email.

Park Area 3

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Email, Password, First Name, Last Name, NickName fields are required. Telephone and WeChat are nice to have in case our administrator may contact you for quick response.

In club, club member number is unique to each individual. You can use anonymous name or NickName to make comments. NickName is more trustable. Please do not often change nickname. For example, LuXun 鲁迅, 茅盾,巴金。 The comments made from NickName will be rewarded by club management annually. We encourage club members to know each other.