4. Tags

  1. Tagging, ID, Naming
    • User defined data type. It is powerful practical for VFD, E3 Plus, etc.

5. Photos

  1. Typical ControlLogix PLC.
  2. Typical ControlLogix PLC Industrial Application
  3. ControlLogix PLC Overview
  4. ControlLogix PLC Overview
  5. ControlLogix PLC Demo Box
  6. ControlLogix PLC Demo Box

6. Tips

  1. ControlLogix PLCs can have more than one CPU in a chassis.
  2. Chassis, also called racks
  3. Project Organiztion. 3 types of tasks, continuous task, periodic task, event task. From high level to low level, task, program, then routine.
  4. Event task. Airport luggage, warehouse, production line material arrives at a point. Waste water treatment system, polymer regeneration step time up.
  5. A specific output coil should only be used once in logic. Note that there can be parallel conditions to control the coil on the rung. A specifi c coil should never be used in more than one rung. The output that the coil represents can be used on the left as contact(s).
  6. For rotating speed rpm sensor, usually tachometer sensor is inductive sensor. sense teeth on a gear.
  7. Instruction COP. When communication between power meter modbus RTU, PLC and DCS, power generator and PLC, security gate, etc. COP can do block parameters exchange between memory, register, array.
  8. PLC can be used to generate simulation signal using timer counter and calculation. Instruction CPT.
  9. Instruction MOV. Change preset value. between PLC and HMI. or SCADA.
  10. Instruction MVM. Masked move value. barcode scanner, etc.
  11. The MSG instruction can be used to communicate between PLCs.
  12. PID, cascade control. Refer to chapter 8, ISBN-13: 978-1-4354-1947-6, Author: Jon Stenerson.
  13. Industrial Network, Industrial Communication. Refer to chapter 12, ISBN-13: 978-1-4354-1947-6, Author: Jon Stenerson.
  14. ControNet is scheduled deterministic network. So it is used for compressor control. Even its communication speed is not as high as EtherNet. User can calculate worst case time.

9. References

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