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Welcome To Seminar! Class 108 HVAC


Shuanjun (James) Wang, P.Eng MEng

Director of Engineering

Senior Electrical Instrumentation Control Engineer



Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Email: James.Wang@jsweng.com

Email: wangwsj@gmail.com

Mobile: 780-868-3253 (Talk+Voice message+Text message)

WeChat ID: wangshuanjun201308


Co founder of Edmonton Engineering Club

Member of C4 (Chinese Canadian Career Club)


Edmonton Engineering Club is hereby to acknowledge those people and organizations who help support us.

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Part 0: Sign In Sheet

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Part 1: Introduction

Now is Pandemic period. Many people have to stay at home. Therefore this zoom meeting is arranged for a chat.

We realize WeChat is a good convenient chat tool. However, it is hard to find past information. Therefore, our website and MySQL database are quickly developed to maintain the database.

If you are with this class for a period of time, you will not be a programmer only. You are easy to end up with a drawing designer, programmer, graphic developer, system startup assistant, troubleshooter. We discuss some other things when we move along with this class.

If you join this class 101 half way, we suggest you stop and join 1 or 2 months later. We will restart this basic training again and again.

Disclamier: If errors are found, please contact us. No direct or indirect responsibility. The seminar is to transfer knowledge to people.

Part 2: Prior to Meeting, hope, suggest, demand, question, desire, list

You may leave a message in English or in Chinese for the meeting.

Part 3: Take a look

Part 4: abc

Part 9: References

  1. Dropbox
  2. You are suggested to have dropbox account. It is free.

    Dropbox is a very good tool to transfer files. After you get Dropbox installed in your PC or cellphone, the rest work is your fingertip. The below is icon on PC.

    DropBox Information

  3. Zoom
  4. You are suggested to have zoom account. It is free.

    Zoom is a very good tool.

    You can install zoom application into your PC, tablet, cellphone. You do not need zoom account. However, having a zoom account makes communication much easier.

    Zoom Information

  5. Email Client App on Cellphone
  6. You are suggested to have email client app on your cellphone. Nowdays quite often activation authentification is sent to your cellphone or email. It is convenient to check on your smartphone email app instead of on your cellphone text message. Telus Verizon are spoiled and not cooperative with new technology.

    Email Client App on Cellphone

Part 10: Jobs

  1. abc