Shuanjun (James) Wang, P.Eng

Director of Engineering

Senior Electrical Engineer



Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Email: James.Wang@jsweng.com

Email: wangwsj@gmail.com

Mobile: 780-868-3253 (Talk+Voice message+Text message)

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1. Summary

Over 25 years of technical engineering design consultant experience on a variety of major industrial projects.   Solid background in electrical power distribution design, familiar with CEC, NEC, IEEE, NFPA, API.  Hands on experience in commissioning, and onsite startup service for over 5 large operating facilities.  Participated in more than 15 Mega industrial projects, including being the lead design electrical engineer on a $2 billion (2x200MW Handan CoGen Power Plant) project. Design competencies include medium voltage distribution, substations, HVAC systems, control house, switchgear, MCC and schematics.  Additional skills and experience include developing cost estimates, reviewing, evaluating and submitting bids, working with project controls to establish schedules, coordinating with utility, client and vendors, and resolving issues with construction.

No matter where I am working and no matter at which level I am placed, my philosophy is always same. I listen to the instructions from my supervisor. Do what I am expected to do. Friendly engage with other people in other teams. Treat people with courtesy and respect. Listen to their concerns. Help solve their problems. Get my job done, get their job done and get our job done.

2. Qualifications

2.1 Education

Master of Engineering, University of New Brunswick, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2005, New Brunswick, Canada,

B. Sc in Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Electrical Engineering, 1989, Xi’an, China

2.2 Professional Designation

Professional Engineer P.Eng license registered in APEGA (ID: 98213) Canada

Professional Engineer P.Eng license registered in APEGBC (ID: 30556) Canada

2.3 Certificates

  1. Communication, Presentation
  2. Toast Master Ice Breaker Best Speaker Award

  3. PLC Training
  4. Allen Bradley Contrologix PLC

  5. Lighting Design
  6. IESNA Lighting Design

  7. Advanced Driving, Defensive Driving
  8. Advanced Driving Training by AMA - Alberta Motor Association

    Canadian Safety Council Defensive Driving Training

  9. Safety Training
  10. Safety Training   Construction New York High Rise Building 1   Construction New York High Rise Building 2   Construction New York High Rise Building 3   Spectra Energy Safety Orientation   Enform H2S Alive Certificate

  11. many more

3. Skills and Experiences

3.1 Arc Flash Study

  1. E=I2t. Energy is equal to current squared times time. Hazard arises from the use of electricity.
  2. One of arc flash study results is to put lables on electrical equipment, such as switchgear and MCC.
  3. Arc flash label is not consistent and sustainable without supporting documents and data.
  4. My committment with Husky HOG is to perform arc flash study and implement Husky ESCOP (Electrical Safety Code Of Practice) in Lloydminster upstream business unit (5000 wells, 3000 sites, 297 electrified sites, 40 batteries or bigger sites).
  5. A good EEWP (Energized Electrical Work Permit) system is better than those arc flash labels. Arc flash labels empower electrical workers "refuse to work if not safe". This is required by CSA Z462 and OHS.
  6. Arc flash discussion is very active in technical committees and HSE people. But it is one kind of bombs in an operating company if you tentatively ask and know EEWP was never used in the past 20 or 30 years of operation and maintenance. Therefore, safety in workplace was, is and will be an issue always.
  7. Study report must contain electrical equipment data and setting in spreadsheet form as well as software calculation print. Popular software includes ETAP, SKM and EasyPower.
  8. ETAP standard elements and user created elements are in one file. Therefore, the big library file should be in the deliverables. This is a critical and fundamental issue and should be implemented in the first place and front line.

3.2 Power System Study

  1. In MV/HV, in a big project, it is better to do a power system study.
  2. Power system study is better conducted by EPC instead of by electrical equipment manufacturer. Now there is a trend to push some work to downstream, such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider, E-house vendor Powell. EPC should carry responsibility for system design with vendor as a source of equipment consultation.

3.3 Protection and Control

  1. Control schematic diagram
  2. Interconnection diagram, block diagram, wiring diagram
  3. Relay setting
  4. The challenge is data collection and operating mode of facility

3.4 P&ID Developing

  1. P&ID is a very important document in one project or in a facility. Process design or P&ID is the soul of a project or an operating facility.
  2. P&ID, PFD, SDD and layout drawings documents should cross reference each other. P&ID is the place where instrument device and mechanical equipment register in a tagno form. P&ID shows interconnection relationship between equipment.
  3. P&ID should be officially formally updated to synchorinize disciplines in a timely manner. Convert them into PDFs, put in the server. Make it available accessible by project people. I mean updated published available accessible internally, not formally issued to client externally. If P&ID is updated half a year in a project, it loses its master drawing meaning.

3.5 SLD - Single line Diagram

  1. SLD is one of master drawings in electrical discipline. Sometimes metering and relaying drawings are developed in addition to SLD depending on project complexity. SLD should be read in conjunction with electrical equipment layout drawing and other supporting documents.
  2. to come

3.6 Layout

  1. Layout drawing is easy and difficult. It is easy because it is like playing a lego game. It is difficult because you need to tell why.
  2. There are many layout drawings. It shows equipment location. Site plan, plot plan, electrical room layout, control room layout, E-house layout, panel layout, cable tray layout, lighting layout, cable bus layout, HVAC layout are designed with the clear purpose in your mind. What information do you want to convey to reader? What reader wants to find?

3.7 Tag Number

  1. Tagging is important.
  2. Tagging is as easy as counting fingers. Tagging is as diffibult as top management work.
  3. To better assign a tag to new equipment or correct mistake, you must know company project history, current situation and future moving direction.
  4. Unfortuanately, in many companies, equipment data base is maintained by junior young people working in independent functional department. They are not supervised by senior experienced people. Organization chart makes some collabaration works difficult.
  5. Action can be taken by young people. But thinking and setup should be and must be by senior experienced people.
  6. From language dictionary meaning, to engineering dictionary meaning, to owner specific project meaning, there is one journey.
  7. I had priviledge to shift fundamentally the tagging system when I worked for Shell Albian. I got support from document management team manager and members.
  8. I had priviledge to shift fundamentally the electrical maintenance data base when I worked for Husky HOG (Heavey Oil Gas) business unit. I got support from one of best SAP specialists and from some team leads.

3.8 Fit-For-Purpose

  1. We use gun to shoot bird. We use missile to shoot airplane. If we use gun to shoot airplance, we can not get job done. If we use missile to shoot bird, it will be a waste of money.
  2. Do not rush to start the work. A good planning is half done. First we ask ourselves : Do we have gun or missile in our garage or warehouse? Second we ask: Are the coming object a bird or an airplane?

3.9 SAP

  1. SAP is a Germany software and widely used in operation and maintenance data base managment.
  2. SAP is not difficult. The most difficult thing is how you setup relationship between engineering data base, procurement data base, warehouse database. Any database consists of database generation and data retrieve. Single write multiple read is key.
  3. When I worked in Husky Lloydminster, I worked with HOG No.1 SAP person. We together optimized SAP electrical infrastructure. We optimized interface of SAP with other data base.

3.10 MTO, Cost Estimate

  1. MTO - Material Take Off
  2. Cost Estimate
  3. Cost Estimate database should be linked with procurement data base and proposal management system.

3.11 QA/QC

  1. Almost all QA/QCs are manipulated. The more extent it is disclosed, the more confident a company controls its QA/QC.
  2. The ultimate goal to control QA/QC is to provide better product or service. As a result of it, a company is more profitable in the short run and in the long run.
  3. In the approval paper chain, if there is one place for QA/QC to sign (not verbally), then quality can be executed in the first place and in the front line.

3.12 Waste Water Treatment

  1. Handan cogen power plant cooling water treatment project
  2. NB Power Coleson Cove Power Plant Waste Water Treatment Project
  3. Surrey City Municipality Sewage Water Pumping Station Project

3.13 Power Plant

  1. Since I graduated from university, I worked in one power plant project design firm for 12 years. I close my eyes and can think of all systems inside a power plant fence.

3.14 Field Engineer, Construction, Commissioning, PLC configuration and programming

Worked in operating plant, or as representative of EPCs, provided site startup assistance and commissioning.

3.15 EPC, Engineering Consulting Engineer, Owner Engineer

Technical calculation, electrical power distribution, specification preparation, bid evaluation, project drawings preparation, multi-discipline collaboration, vendor drawing review, construction support, commissioning support, startup service.

3.16 Software

  1. AutoCAD
  2. AutoCAD is a very friendly open engineering drafting software. I have been using it since DOS version.

  3. Allen Bradley PLC RSLogix5, RSLogix500, RSLogix5000, HMI, SCADA
  4. Allen Bradley PLC RSLogix5, RSLogix500, RSLogix5000, HMI, SCADA

  5. Microsoft word for writeup report proposal, Excel for spreadsgeet such as list schedule.
  6. 3D modeling
  7. to come

4. Soft Skills

4.1 Soft Skills

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4.2 Leadership, Managment, Supervision, Mentoring, Coaching, Business Development

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5. Photos

Seeing is believing. One picture is worth one thousand words.

5.1 Husky Experience in Pictures

With support from management, I quickly sorted out many things on the road of implementation of Husky ESCOP (safety training, permit, Husky vehicle, shutdown to collect data, work order, update drawing, receive electronic files for review and verification and approval, document management, standardize arc flash label, resource allocation and mobilization, etc)

Location Google Map

Husky Lloydminster MOB. There are 42 meeting rooms in this building in total big and small.

Photo 01: 25KV Utility Transmission Line

The beautiful countryside witnessed my footprint. I drove Husky pooled vehicle around to almost every electrified site. I drew my own map from municipal road as reference, not from LSD map.

The arc flash study and implementation of ESCOP were my commitment.

Photo 02: One More SAGD Battery Plant

One more SAGD battery plant is waiting for me. It is friendly waving to me and I will be pointing fingers to here and there, this one and another one, asking people collecting data for me. A good planning is half done. Pre-shutdown site tour is very important because shutdown of any site will mean no production, no oil and no money.

I must be 110% prepared before shutdown. Once plant is started up again. I do not want to put electricians at risk, or ask management to sign EEWP.

Photo 03A: Shutdown of Plant

I organized shutdown and start-up of some plants. I appreciated very much for the help of this Saskpower line man. I chatted with him a lot. He is a very nice gentleman. Probably he has retired now. I wish him all the best.

Photo 03B: Re-Startup of Plant

To do each shutdown and re-startup, I must get commissioning work ready and standby. Otherwise, I will have trouble because no operation, no oil and then no money.

Photor 04: Energetic Young Man

a. Crying loudly, coming to this world. Growing up quickly. Getting old slowly. Go to heaven quietly. Every body has the same journey.

Dixie Chicks - Landslide


b. This SaskPower line man is very young, friendly, energetic and cooperative. He climbed up very fast.

Photo 05: Another Target

Drive along the road. Find another Husky plant. Write down info and take a shot. Study how to gather information.

Photo 06: Husky Tucker Lake SAGD Plant

Husky Tucker Lake SAGD was designed by SNC-Lavalin Calgary in 2005. The CPF (Central Processing Facility) started operating in June of 2006. The electrical design is wonderful. Company is company. People are people. People working for a company make company shine. A good company gives excellent people opportunity. Now many engineers working for Tucker project are promoted to management positions in SNC Calgary.

In Lloydminster, Husky is a big dog. But in cold lake area, Husky is not no.1 any more.

Photo 07: Hardisty Oil Highway

Hardisty ! Hardisty ! Hardisty !

Exciting place. It is said that 80% Canadian bitumen export to US is right from here at Hardisty. Therefore, it is also called hub of oil and gas in Canada.

Photo 08: Husky Midstream Pipeline

I humbly reached out, making effort to learn experience from Husky sisterhood.

Husky Lloydminster upstream and midstream share a lot of electrical system. I got a lot of help from midstream No.1 electrical person, privately and publicly.

Photo 09: Husky Lloydminster Upgrader

Husky Lloydminster Upgrader is Husky leading flagship. When I was hired to perform arc flash study and oversee ESCOP in Husky Lloydminster Heavy Oil & Gas, I heard Upgrader already finished arc flash study and labeling. I requested a visit and learning from upgrader. I was offered a friendly guided tour by Husky Upgrader electrical engineer.

Photo 10: No Waiting For Superman

We hope and pray Superman for help. But we can not heavily depend upon superman. God is in the heaven and rose garden is far away, not around you. Many managers call this type of situation as frustration. How to turn slogans into ideas or actions is an art of work. As a team, we have to help each other. Providing training or not is up to upper level. Learning or not is up to you. Training and learning benefit all inside a community in the long run.

Photo 11: Superman Is Within Us, Not Coming From Sky. MEC Trailer.

As Husky is growing business in Lloydminster area, more larger SAGD sites are constructed. This brings challenge to Husky electrical workers for operation and maintenance. With support from management, MEC [Magna Electric Corporation, 851-58th Street East, Saskatoon, SK, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 6X5, Canada, http://www.magnaelectric.com disappeared, acquired by Shermco Industries] 52 feet long training trailer was brought in. Classroom training and hands on training were both provided. As a result, the skill of electrical workers has been gained and improved. Superman is retained.

Video1: Root Cause Analysis Report.

Root Cause Analysis Report

When you do root cause analysis report, how deep do you plan to dig? how much data do you plan to collect? This should be discussed between you and your supervisor.

5.2 Air Liquide CNRL Horizon2 Hydrogen Project

CNRL Horizon2 Hydrogen Project, $500 Million, (2x40MVA 34.5KV-13.8KV transformer, 2x8500HP 13.2kv synchronous motors, 1x7600HP 13.2kv induction motor, 2x12.5MVA 13.8KV-4.16KV transformer, 4x2MVA 13.8KV-600VAC transformer, MV/LV switchgear, MV/LV MCC, 800KW GENSET), E-house (53m x 9.2m).

Photo 01: CNRL Horizon

Horizon oil sands open pit mining, extraction and in-situ Upgrading plant is the leading flag ship in CNRL fleet world.

Photo 02: Whiteboard Illustration

I love whiteboard.

I do not wait for RFIs coming into my office. I do not wait for binders flying to my office. I reach out to talk, to sit down with subcontractors, to go through drawing packages together. I invite them to my office, use whiteboard to illustrate something, use pictures to show something. I invite them to have a field walk to see something. I often reach out to CNRL client counterpart, to subcontractors (Bird, Pacer, Chemco, Powell, Integral, etc) before they see me. I talk to upper level, I talk to same level, I talk to lower level. Get my job done and get their job done.

Letter of Recommendation (available upon request)

Photo 03: Edmonton KBR Module Yard

Crane - Sign of Construction.

In order to save site construction time and cost, in Edmonton city and surrounding areas, there are many companies doing module fabrication. After a short break, two electricians are heading to their workplace. It is a warm nice weather day. I wish them have a good day.

Photo 04: Innovation


I was the site LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) electrical responsible person. I was not a manager. It was difficult to patrol and enforce LOTO rule. I assigned lock and key tags. My indepth of understanding of mathematical correlation and familiarity of project electrical power distribution system are helpful to LOTO management, work permit management, work order management and database management. As an electrical engineer, I deeply understand the correlation between locked equipment circuit breaker, disconnect switch, lock number, key number and worker ID. As a result, the complicated rules was made easy.

5.3 Shell Canada

I supervised three (3) field engineers and one (1) technician.

As owner's engineer, on behalf of owner, dealt with many projects (over 30 concurrently running projects every week) and many EPCs (over 10). Engaged project end user operation and maintenance. Attended many meetings (kick off meeting, scoping study meeting, HAZOP meeting, telephone conference meeting, weekly coordination meeting, discipline lead meeting), Reviewed many reports (scoping study report, power system study report, arc flash study report, calculation report, relay setting report), Approved many EPC drawing packages, Approved many vendor drawings, Ensured all projects design complying with owner requirements and consistent.

Photo 01: A New Day Is Coming

Lion King The Hollywood Oscar Award Movie "Lion King" Song - Circle Of Life 

Celine Dion Celine Dion - A New Day Has Come 

6am to 4pm is one 10 hour shift. In summer time, or spring time, after getting off diversified bus, look up in the sky, an exciting day, enter that trailer, start working. In winter time, we see moon in the morning, we see moon in the afternoon.

Photo 02: No Windchill

Wind speed is zero. No wind chill, not too cold. In northern Alberta harsh winter, at a very cold day, we try arrange workers' activities indoor instead of outdoor.

Photo 03: 4pm - 6pm

Bookcase Binders

Normal shift was 6am to 4pm, 10 hours a day, 10 days on 4 days off. But quite often I worked 12 hours a day because there were a lot work to do and a lot to learn. 4pm to 6pm is quiet time to sit down without distraction. The quiet 2 hours are more efficient than the daytime 10 hours. Send out some emails. Make plan for tomorrow or next week. Prepare report for my supervisor, project managers and discipline engineers. Report progress and update status. Keep management informed or aware of something. Assign work to field engineers and subcontractors. Book apointments with key people internally and externally.

Photo 04: Walk To Every Corner and Look Around Everywhere


Since I was hired onboard, little by little, I walked to every corner of the facility, looked around everywhere. In the meeting room, in the engineering drawings, in the report to managment, I oriented and aligned myself quickly to the engineering team in Shell Albian large operating facility. The background big mining truck is able to carry 400 tons of oilsands.

5.4 WorleyParsons

Photo 01: Journey To Alberta 千里走单骑

In the summer of 2008, I drove my small car, carrying all my belongings, travelled thousand of miles to Calgary from Vancouver. I was lucky. Immediately I found a good job. My salary increased a lot. So did my responsibility. I was responsible for Talisman natural gas BC area projects design and stamping. Projects cover well sites, reheat sites, gas plants. The picture in the background is beautiful rocky mountain.

Photo 02: Colt - Lovely Small Running Horse

After a thousand miles of journey to Alberta, thanks hiring manager, immediately I landed a good job.

5.5 Power China Hebei Province

Power China Hebei Province    China Canada US

Photo 01: Power Plant

Cooling tower and flue gas stack are landmaks of a power plant. For a 300MW unit, the typical height of cooling tower is 180m and the typical height of stack is 210m.

Since I graduated from university, I worked in one power plant project design firm for 12 years. I close my eyes and can think of all systems inside a power plant fence.

The song for mira by Anne Murray

Home nostalgia feeling:  The song for mira by Anne Murray, YouTube

Photo 02: HanDan Co-Gen 2x200MW Power Plant

This power plant is located northeast HanDan city. The purpose to build this Co-Gen is to provide winter heating steam in addition to generating electricity.

Location Google Map

Photo 02a: Turbine Hall

Turbine hall operating floor for 200MW is 12.6m.

Photo 02b: Central Operator Control Room

In control room design, philosophies are different in Canada US and in China.

Photo 02c: Gym or Admin Building

Please note there is a chin strap attached to hard hat.

Photo 03: XiBaiPo Power Plant 4x300MW 2x600MW

This power plant is located northwest 45km of Hebei province capital city - Shijiazhuang. It is the largest power plant in HeBei province. 3 phases in this power plant. phase 1: 2x300MW, in 1992. phase 2: 2x300MW, in 1996. phase 3: 2x600MW, in 2004.

Photo 04: HanFeng Power Plant 2x660MW

This 2x660MW power plant is located southwest 70km of HanDan city. All equipment are from Germany Siemens. With saturated market in Europe, Siemens started expanding business globally in 1970s. Siemens contributes engineering design and equipment. China contributes land and workers.

5.6 NB Power Plant

NB Power

Photo 01: NB Power Coleson Cove Plant

Coleson Cove is the largest power plant in New Brunswick province. The installed capacity is 3x350MW. Cost is $800Million CAD. I had an opportunity to work in the refurbishment project. My work was mainly at BOP (Balance Of Plant, such as waste water treatment system, flyash handling system, limestone gypsum system, etc.).

Location Google Map

Letter of Recommendation (available upon request)

5.7 JSW Engineering Inc

JSW Engineering Inc + Enbridge Spectra Energy

Location Google Map    Life in Fort Nelson

Spectra Energy Fort Nelson Gas Processing Plant

1963 - Duke Energy - Westcoast Energy - Spectra Energy - Enbridge - ?

Many many wonderful excellent people out there.

5.8 JSW Engineering Inc

JSW Engineering Inc + GDF Suez Engie Cape Scott Wind Farm Power Plant

Life in Port Hardy, Vancouver Island, BC    Driving to Wind Farm

Engie Cape Scott Wind Power